How Much does it cost to get a car towed?

Our prices are competitive with an everyday low price applying within the local area. Please give Darryl a call so he can give you an accurate quote.

What areas does Kwik Tow NQ service?

We predominantly service the Townsville area but are flexible if required.

Do I need to be there when my car is towed?

No not necessarily. The vehicle will need to be accessible with the truck and arrangements will need to be made for the keys. It is preferable to have access to keys so as to limit damage to vehicles. Phone for more advice.

What are the limits your truck can carry?

We can handle up to 4.5 tonnes in weight and 6.5 metres in length. It is important to know these details when requesting transport of larger equipment.

What sort of machinery can Kwik Tow NQ carry?

We can transport many types of machinery, plant and equipment including bobcats, excavators, scissor lifts, forklifts, tractors and skid mounted plant such as pumps, generators and compressors.

Does Kwik Tow NQ move freight?

Yes, across Townsville, we can offer an affordable and reliable freight service for your business. Servicing the mining, construction and automotive industries.